Rattan Basket BB20040

Product code: BB2-0040-19

9" x 6.8"/7.4" x 5.1"H3.5"
10.6" x 7.8"/9" x 5.9"H3.9"
12.5" x 9"/9.8" x 7"H4.3"
23 x 17,5/19 x 13H9 (cm)
27 x 20/23 x 15H10 (cm)
32 x 23/25 x 18H11 (cm)

Call to order: (+84) 903 036 280
This beautiful rattan basket will be a convenient item to store food and fruit in outdoor picnics, not only that it is also a beautiful home decoration.

*Please note:
The actual color of the product may be slightly different due to the nature of the product and the lighting when photographing.

No assembly required.