Poly rattan cat/ dog house BB27006

Product code: BB27006

Dimension: 48X38XH38 cm

Call to order: (+84) 903 036 280

Call to order: (+84) 903 036 280
Poly rattan cat/ dog house, Cat wicker bed, Natural pet bed, Rattan cat house, Cat Nest, Pet furniture!
Wicker house for cats and puppies. This cozy nest-bed will become a favorite place to sleep for your cat. This natural pet bed is very sturdy and comfortable for average size cats, and also small dogs. Made from Poly rattan.
The smooth and burr-free surface will not get caught in pet's hair or hurt their skin
Washable and very easy to clean and can simply hose off the debris, dirt, and litter
Can satisfy the cat's natural scratching instinct and reduce the risk of cat scratching on the carpet and furniture. The cute shape can be a perfect hideout hiding house for your cats playing. Perfect gift for pet owners.