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About the manufacturing:
Vietnam is one of the countries which are popular about producing and exporting handicraft products from materials such as rattan, bamboo, water hyacinth, palm leaf, seagrass, etc. The products are made by hand by Vietnamese farmers after harvest time. Their products are filled with skills and sophistication, which granted them the honor of artisans. The techniques of making these products are kept in secret to the outside but being taught only for relatives or fellow villagers.

Entering international markets:
Nowadays, as the time of globalization, handicraft products of Vietnam artisans have become more and more popular, and Lan Innovation Co., LTD is proud to bring these creative and beautiful handicraft products to the world. Our company has been exporting products to different customers around the world including customers from North America, South America, Northern Asia, Australia, and European countries.etc. In addition, we have been appeared in different international fairs such as Hongkong Housewear, or Ambiente.

About the products:
Mainly made by hand from natural materials which are eco-friendly with the environment, our products have been exported to more than 30 countries in the world. Our enthusiastic and creative designers are always ready to get the most up-to-date models with perfect quality to achieve the goal to become a trustworthy supplier.

About the company:
Founded in 2007, Lan Innovation is a company specializing in handicrafts and indoor handmade decoration products. The company annually has new collection with exclusive designed products focused on natural materials. 
Being existed in this industry for more than 15 years, Lan Innovation Co., Ltd always considers the creativity, penetrating, and satisfying customers' demand as the first goal. To us, customer’s satisfaction and trust are the main sources of our company's prosperity. We are willing to serve all customers carefully, considerately and effectively. The only goal that we want to achieve is “Your satisfaction is our concern.”
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