Water hyacinth basket with hanđle BB56077

Product code: BB56077

Dimension: cm

Call to order: (+84) 903 036 280

Call to order: (+84) 903 036 280
Water hyacinth basket with hanđle BB56077
Multipurpose: Decor, Creative Storage, Grocery Baskets, Beach Bag, Laundry, Toy Organizer, etc.
This beautiful, woven basket is useful for storing blankets, throws, shoes, toys, games, or laundry.
Soft and graceful water hyacinth wicker allows for thick braids that create a strong yet charming piece.
Blends well with any decor, featuring a stunning natural look and stylish design that's great indoors or outdoors.
Handcrafted with water hyacinth reeds around a steel frame to create a sturdy item that's made to last.
Apply to every corner of the house, corridor, children's room, bathroom. The basket is a classic design.
This basket is a perfect solution for not only containing your laundry but keeping it out of sight too as it comes. The natural color with pattern detail is very attractive and will fit in with most bedroom decors.
Made of natural water hyacinth.